Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Cool my music box, to create your music kingdom

Everyone loves music, the music of the world enjoy the happiness we forget troubles. Good music into countless thousands on, can enjoy it all covered up at any time. No problem, do not search all over the world to download, no need to worry about hard drive space, as long as I use the cool music box, a little effort to help you build up the Kingdom of millions of music songs, so you want to listen to advice, just want to sing sing become the master of the music world.

One million songs to the point that

Cool music box my music library using the network model, all the songs all come from the network, the user need not pre-download to play directly through the online demand, now offers millions of songs online on-demand service, and is increasing daily number of songs. As the most advanced multi-threading on-demand technology, online song play very fast buffer, a song to start playing from the on-demand generally only need 2,3 seconds, This song is almost as fast as the local player, listening to Google does not feel the slightest impact.

Figure 1 1 000 million songs a little singer that is broadcast

Second, a search there favorite songs

To millions of songs to listen to quickly find songs, you may feel a lot of trouble. Do not worry, cool music box I have provided a variety of songs recommend and search services that can help you quickly find the most want to hear songs, including the latest release and all the recent popular songs.

Open the "Network Music Library" window, in the top of the music provides a powerful search tool, you can quickly search through it to any want to hear the songs. Even if you forget the songs were not afraid, cool music box I provide intelligent matching keywords technology, you need only enter the song name in the search bar of a word, the software will automatically prompt the current key words to help you match the song name, so that you can find the exact song name to search. Even the song name, if you do not know, but I remember one or two lyrics, lyrics search as long as the input, corresponding to the same song can be found. I will cool music box that contains the lyrics of the songs are displayed, you can be selected from them again. With these two magic weapons, what songs can be searched.

Figure 2 thoughtful intelligent search service

If you are unsure what they have to listen to songs, but also not depressed, cool music box I provided a wealth of music recommendation services that can help you quickly find've never heard good music. In the "Today Recommended" window box with cool music I carefully prepared a list of recommended songs are more popular in recent popular songs, latest music and latest album. In the "Internet Music Library" window on the left provides a more detailed list of recommended songs rich, including Baidu's list, a list of popular singers such as classification and, in these casually listen to recommended songs, absolutely never hear heard the song writing to.

Figure 3 today recommended: the first leg of popular music

3. Easily master the favorite flavor

Their songs always better to send home to find the song sounds easy, cool music box I can listen to songs you daily habit of taking the initiative to recommend similar style of your songs, you hear all over the song writing easy. As long as the "Network music library" window open "list family" list, will see a "my taste" list, and there's music box song is cool I listen to songs based on your daily taste of the recommended songs, and will be based Your favorite songs to be updated from time to time in order to ensure that fresh feeling to the song. May wish to listen, there will be a new discovery.

Figure 4 about your music taste, intelligence recommend similar songs

Fourth, a comprehensive historical record of songs

My music box with a cool day, a lot of good songs can be heard, heard enough sometimes forget what their songs are heard, looking for a song previously heard has chosen to remember, so were depressed. Is not difficult to solve this problem, because I am cool music box will automatically record the history of your songs, your songs are listened to what you can not help a glance. Is also very simple to use, as long as the music box in the upper right corner of cool I click on the "Register" button to register as cool my user, then click "Login" button to log on, so cool my music box will automatically record your songs and history Upload saved to your personal music space. When you need to see your songs of history, simply click on the upper right corner of the "space" button to open your own personal music space page, where you can view their recent record of listening to the song, recently ranked the most favorite songs and Top favorite singers, etc., from which you can quickly understand their own songs like the recent find to hear the old songs, etc., very convenient.

5, Kara OK to sing the songs

Will inevitably hear like learning to sing a few songs, did not accompany singing does not always have fun. I provide cool music box features karaoke OK, with the point with the singing, you sing your fill first.

In the "Internet Music Library" window to search for songs, find the songs, right-click the song select "Play MV" option to automatically download the song from the MTV video playback. Switch to the "Now Playing" window, click the "accompaniment" button to switch to the accompaniment channel, you can follow the musical accompaniment to show his singing voice was.

Figure 5 would like to sing sing, MV accompaniment is a little place

I have a cool music box musical magic of this all-powerful, would like to build their own musical kingdom can be said to be easy, do not hesitate to use it to quickly create their own music in the world to meet it.

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