Tuesday, October 5, 2010

How to write better bug report [2]

Test data

Try to write an ordinary bug report, the developer may not have permission to access your test data. If the bug is, and a specific set of test data related to your bug report on it on the fringe.


Screenshot is a bug report is necessary in part. A picture is worth a thousand words. But do not put in every bug report in screen shots with no need to become a habit. Ideal for your bug report should be sufficiently effective to enable developers to reproduce the problem. Screenshots should only be validated method.

鈼?If you want to in the bug report with screen shots, to ensure that pictures are not much use jpg or gif format, instead of bmp format

鈼?write on the screen in the comments section to highlight the problem. This will help developers can immediately locate a problem.

Severity / priority

鈼?In the setting of serious program bug report should be comprehensive analysis of the defect before the impact of procedures. If you think your bug has a very high priority should be restored in the bug report to prove this point. Described in the bug report should be part of that for this reason.

鈼?If the bug from the previous version or versions within a small return, then it will sound the alarm. As a serious program of this bug may be low, but the priority should be high.


In the bug report, attached to the log or log extract fragments. This will help developers to easily analyze and debug system. In most cases, if you do not attach the log and the developer side, it's difficult to reproduce the problem, they will fight the bug report back to you and asked Fudai log files.

If the log file is not great, for example, about 20 to 25 rows, you can paste it in the bug report. But if it is relatively large, then paste it in the bug report as an attachment in, otherwise your bug report will look like a log.

Other information

鈼?If your bug is random, and only in your bug report said that click on it. But do not forget the archive it. You can always find them in you any time after the increase in accurate steps. This will also submit this issue to other people to save you time, especially when the problem is rather serious.

鈼?In writing bug report in the error message, especially when the error message with a number of times. For example, the error message from the database.

鈼?In the bug report in writing within the small version number and version number

鈼?Write down questions that can be reproduced platform. Accurate description of the problem can not reproduce the platform. Also have to understand that the problem can not reproduce in a specific platform and not a platform to test the difference between. This may cause confusion.

鈼?If there are several problems you encounter the same results, just write a bug report. Fix the problem may be just one. Similarly, if you encountered in different places, a similar problem, and require the same repair method, but in different places, then we must write for each issue a separate bug report. Corresponding to each bug report a repair.

鈼?If you can reproduce the bug in the test environment developers can access, write access to the details of this set. This will help them save time installing the environment submitted by you to reproduce the bug.

鈼?You must not insist on any information on the bug. Before the bug was fixed bug due to poor caused the submission of developers and testers only the interaction between the unnecessary waste of time.


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